Yes, yes, it all sounds very odd - can we really, by tapping on certain points of our bodies, heal years & years of deep trauma?!

The answer is quite simply; yes! Adapted from the EFT International Manual & personal experience, through this blog post, I'll explain what this magical technique is & exactly how it works... A woman comes into the practitioner's office & is distraught; she has been so frightened of driving for the last two years that her whole life has been a submissive to that fear. An hour later, she is hopeful & excited about driving and a week later, she comes back beaming, reporting she has been driving all week & feels wonderful. What happened during that hour? A gentle, effective EFT session. Another EFT client reported to have severe childhood abuse leaving them with mental illnesses. After years of psychotherapy, prominent PTSD symptoms remained, but with further EFT & other energy psychology modalities, her PTSD symptoms completely cleared & she has since experienced profound "traumatic" growth. The moral of this story is that no matter how challenging & intrusive symptoms may be, EFT may have great wonders to offer. The sessions & stories are infinitely varied, but what is common to them all is the effective application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


But WTF is EFT? EFT is indeed a remarkable, life-changing tool. EFT can help you value, explore & transform your emotional reality - the thoughts, beliefs & emotions you carry with you.

Developed by Gary Craig & inspired by the work of Dr. Roger Callahan, EFT is a body/mind self-help method that is a combination of acupuncture (without the needles- yay!) & psychotherapy. We gently tap into certain energy meridians points in the body with our fingertips whilst saying affirmations, which works alongside neurolinguistic programming. 

Voicing out these affirmations, we allow our bodies to be attuned in to our emotional state, and whilst simultaneously tapping on these meridians, we release all the blocked energy from our energy channels.

As a result, tapping allows us to downgrade the effects of a trauma biologically stored & brings harmony between our mind & bodies.  While ongoing scientific research continues to document & validate EFT as an effective treatment worth of being mainstreamed (The wonderful NHS are even now doing it!), what is remarkable is that its benefits are quite profound. Even in cases of extreme severe trauma, which may take years to address satisfactorily, the treatment is dramatically rapid compared to traditional "talking therapies".

EFT allows us to release & transform the way uncomfortable feelings; i.e. anger, fear, guilt, hurt etc may be manifesting in our lives & addresses them in order to let them go & release the blocks we are holding onto. Like a form of meditation, after just a few rounds of tapping, people often report feeling lighter, calmer & able to breathe more easily & their bodies to move more freely - almost as if they now have more space inside. They may report that their thinking has changed, they have gained new insights or that they are feeling better in general (a huge result!). As we begin to notice, acknowledge & transform how we carry our emotions, we begin to see just how this may be contributing to our pain, illness or other personal challenges. The beauty is, EFT couldn't be easier to do & flexible enough to be used by absolutely anyone! As we explore EFT for ourselves, we become empowered to respond to our own emotional states & allow ourselves to feel released from emotional ties that hold us back. With the aid of this simple & natural healing tool, we can truly discover how we envision our lives to be without trauma, pain or anxiety & we consciously allow these changes we desire to manifest. By using EFT, we can reconnect with our innate sense of unshakable wellbeing.

And WTF is Tap To Tao...? Tap To Tao is a platform created to help teach & spread the word of the wonders of EFT & other alternative tools to help you achieve beautiful wellbeing. Through private online sessions to guided mediations, workshops & blog posts aplenty, we aim to share with you these tried and tested techniques. We are two trainee EFT Practitioners (due to be accredited in the next few weeks), far from perfect, we experience many bumps along the unprecedented road we call life & have our fair share of ups & downs. But what we do have to help, is a bank full of knowledge, tricks, tips & tools to cope & create change - something that we are so excited to share with you!

Tao so beautifully means "way" or "path" and through this symbolic word, we endeavour to help YOU find you TAO.

I invite you to experience this process for yourself - One of the great attractions of alternative techniques is that you can easily learn the basics & reap significant benefits.

So, book in for your free taster today & let's explore together how EFT can help you transform your life, for the better!