Full Moon Journalling Process...

In honour of the full moon, take some time to yourself to reflect and connect through the power journalling. We've compiled a wee process to nudge you in the right direction so that you can spark feelings of clarity and connection to yourself and for this lunar cycle...

There are so many beautiful benefits to journalling - the whole process of simply jotting down your thoughts every day is totally transforming. Making journaling a daily habit has been proven to significantly improve a person's mental health, as it helps to clear one's mind, find inspiration, keep track of our daily lives or goals and give some time honouring our appreciations or frustrations (think, your own bitching session without the negative connotations or judgements!) and today we want you to take this one step further by trying out a powerful practice, that is Full Moon Journalling.


It's not until recently I started to adopt this process of journalling through the lunar cycles - to begin with, I was like "oh my this is all a bit too airy-fairy for me", but I have to say, from simply taken some time out every full moon to sit with myself, my mind and a cuppa, I've found it incredibly empowering & gosh it cringes me to say it - but so far, most my short-term manifestations have indeed, come true. If you are a seasoned pro when it comes to journalling, fantastic! If this is a totally new concept you, never fear, we have listed below a few prompts to help you gain connection and clarity. Remember, it's only you who is reading this, so come from a place of openness, don't judge what comes up, this is a time to really bring to the surface what it is you want to harvest (manifest, attract, whatever you want to call it) into your life. This doesn't have to be a masterpiece, you aren't writing War & Peace here, nor do you have to spend hours on this exercise. Simplicity is key, so try to best honour this opportunity to really dig into YOU. So grab a notebook, your favourite pen, a piece of paper, light a candle, settle in, now let's begin...!

Part 1. Being Present Here you want to spend some time getting connected to how you are feeling in this present moment. How am I? Now ask again - How am I really doing? What emotions are coming up for you? What's been happening in your life since the last full moon? How have you been treating yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually? Are there any connections between these elements? Again, please remember, it's only you reading this - you don't have to say words like "enlightened" or "spiritually connected" - I mean if you do feel like that, then amazing, I salute you! Life is shitty at times - so don't be afraid to voice it if you are feeling that way. Air. It. Out.


Part 2. Let's look at the past... What am I proud of getting accomplished this cycle?

Were there things that didn't get done? What can I learn from this? What went right? What went wrong? What have I been most grateful for? What do I want to let go off from this last cycle? Be gentle with yourself here and don't beat yourself up. The toughest times and hardest lessons are building up our resilience for our futures - they may not seem it, but they are beautiful lessons in disguise.


Part 3. Hello Future... What are my goals and intentions moving forward? What small actionable steps can I take to get one step closer to achieving these? What do I want to manifest in my life? This is a very exciting part of the process- you are actively building future you! Dig deep into yourself here- you're making plans, building dreams and desires. Put your hand over your heart and give yourself a smile!

Part 4: Burn & Release Ahh - and last but by no means least, my favourite part! Here we are going to condense all that juicy information you wrote in your journal and on a singular piece of paper, you want to split in half and write at the top of each section: 1. My manifestations... 2. Sh*t I need to let go off... Here just bullet point a round up from the answers given in parts 2 & 3 - feel free to add anything too, see it as a shopping list of what you want to attract into your life and all the things you don't want to hold on to anymore - you can literally put anything! Take a picture of your list if you want to reference anything, as now is the time to do this because our next step is to go over to our candle and set this mother on fire!! Yes - pop on outside to be safe, but light up your list and watch it crumble into ashes. I find this part of the process so incredibly empowering- you are actively releasing your intentions out into the universe, it's a strong way to signify your intentions, plus - the burning of the paper really helps you let that sh*t go, doesn't it?!

Now - give yourself a pat on the back & go take action, take a nap, have a bath, run a mile, do some tapping - do whatever makes your soul shine!

I strongly recommend you schedule some 'you' time every full moon to repeat this practice, if you're like me and will totally forget, mark the next full moon down in your calendar (do it now!!). And next time, take some time to reflect back and read over your last response, have you noticed a difference? Maybe things are slowly starting to take motion? Maybe you have successfully attracted your intentions? Amazing if so - now go set new ones!

I hope this process will bring you as much clarity and compassion as it has brought to me! Let me know if how you get on! All my love, Georgie xx